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The Brookfield Band Picture of the Band

What is the Brookfield Band, and what does it do?

We're a Barn Dance Band (a.k.a. Ceilidh Band, folk dance band, call it what you will) that operates in and around Hertfordshire, in England. We play for wedding receptions, birthday parties, PTA events, church socials, ceilidhs, etc. We don't expect anyone present to be an expert, as we will bring along a caller to tell you what to do.

We normally go out as a 4-piece band, comprising violin, recorder (or flute), double bass (or bass guitar) and piano-accordion. We don't have a drummer, as the band produces plenty of bounce, thanks to the skill of the musicians, and the great tunes that we play. You can listen to us by clicking on the "Music" hotlinks (above and below).

Most of the band members live in central and eastern Hertfordshire, so bookings within an hour's travel of there should be OK.

And yes, we do have Public Liability insurance (via the English Folk Dance and Song Society).

How do I book it?

Ring Roger on 01707 324413, or E-mail him on:-
Email address (Sorry - non-clickable to prevent loads of spam!)

Please note: emails sometimes get lost in transit. If you book the band by sending an email to Roger, he will always send an email back to acknowledge the booking. If you don't get one back then your previous email may not have got through!

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(As of July 2016, we're now on Facebook!)

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